• What Does Your Swag Say?

    Do you want to improve your brand and build team unity? Investing in high quality company swag can be an easy way to do both. Truwear came to Wasatch Threads wanting to build their brand as a newer company and were disappointed with the lack of options, diversity, and quality out we decided to team up and start manufacturing it together
  • Screen Printing vs. Embroidery vs. Direct-to-Garment; Which Should You Choose?

    If you want to add custom logos and designs to clothing and or other textiles, screen printing, embroidery, or direct-to-garment are your best options. Each option produces high quality work, but each have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Screen printing and direct-to-garment can sometimes be the more cost-effective way for placing your designs on textiles and is often the better choice for producing larger designs/logos. Embroidery is often viewed as the more long-lasting choice and can deliver professional results for corporate attire and more.